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Why choose the Design Build Method?

Design Build
Design Build

Design Build is the most popular and fastest growing method of delivering on construction projects in the U.S.

What is Design Build?

Design Build Construction is a method of project delivery that fuses both design and construction functions together to form a single contractual entity. This allows the contractor and designer to work as a team while the owner is only responsible for one single contract. In the traditional Design Bid Build method, the owner is responsible for multiple contracts with separate entities.

Benefits of Design Build

Design Build has continued to outperform many other delivery methods on construction time and project cost as well as several other project success indicators like greater project innovation, and collaboration. The method allows the general contractor and design group the ability to communicate more easily to provide expertise and recommendations to the owner regarding budget and schedule throughout the duration of the project. This method can encourage problem-solving, accountability, innovation, reduce confusion of responsibility between the parties, as well as allow the owner more design control over the project.

According to DBIA's Design-Build Utilization Study: "Across the top factors influencing project delivery method selection, over 50% of respondents indicated design-build exceeded expectations of owner's goals and objectives, project complexity and innovation, and delivery schedule... Over 75% of survey respondents have had a ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ experience on their design build projects." When involving key stakeholders early in the process, the team is able to identify and better address the owner's goals which leads to clarity of objectives and ultimately higher project satisfaction.

The Future of Design Build

Design Build projects are projected to continue growing at a CAGR of 7% over the 2021-2025 forecast period. Project complexity and tighter delivery schedules continue to drive the popularity of Design Build as an effective option compared to the traditional Design Bid Build method.

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